Discover in just one day the 5 Steps how to achieve a career and job search breakthrough in the Hidden Job Market. Find the perfect hidden executive opportunity. Take control of your career, success and future now by learning how to break into the Hidden Job Market.


Why You Need This… And Why You Need It Now!

In the V-shaped global economy recovery there is a notable demand for the next generation of leaders to lead us into the new normal. Are you ready to seize such Hidden Job Market job opportunities now or for later in 2022?



January 29/30
February 12/13
March 5/6, 26/27

April 9/11, 23/24

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  • Understanding the Hidden Job Market
  • Researching hidden information to uncover hidden executive opportunities
  • 12 Ways for executives to break into the Hidden Job Market
  • Peak Performance Interviewing to win executive-level interviews in the Hidden
    Job Market


  • Get Peer-to-Peer feedback about yourself and your job search.
  • Lay a strong foundation to build your Hidden Job Market campaign on.
  • Understand the difference between open and hidden jobs.
  • Understanding the new job search economics during the Corona pandemic.
  • Know how to systematically find hidden opportunities, in- or outside your industry.
  • Discover industries that are skyrocketing and those that are shrinking.
  • Position and brand yourself in the best possible way.
  • Differentiate yourself in the search process and make competition irrelevant.
  • Understanding Unique Value Propositions.
  • Gain clarity and insight about the real nature and specifics of your target jobs and industry.
  • Being able to generate your list of target companies and decision-makers.
  • Twelve ways to break into the Hidden Job Market.

Who Should Attend

This is for you if…
  • You are looking for an executive role immediately.
  • You are an executive contender or high-flyer aiming higher.
  • You are unable to find a suitable executive role and want to tap into the Hidden Job Market.
  • You are no longer satisfied with your current employment (e.g. M&A, new boss, secondment abroad).
  • Not getting executive interviews or executive job offers?
  • You are an executive who has been or soon will be laid off.
  • You are an executive who is thinking about switching careers?
  • You are going back to work (after sabattical, illness or else)?
  • Over 50? 
  • You are trying to build a portfolio career?

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In this One-Day Workshop Event (Zoom).
Get on the fast track for winning in the international executive job search arena the executive job offer you desire.

In breaking into the Hidden Job Market.

In breaking down the wall between you and your perfect job.


January 29/30
February 12/13
March 5/6, 26/27

April 9/11, 23/24

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Profile Rainer Maria Morita

Rainer Maria Morita is an International Hidden Job Market Expert helping executives in Switzerland and worldwide find their perfect job based on his own job search methodology called the “Morita Method”.

Each year, more than 1000 executives profit from his expertise. Rainer Maria partners with top-tier executives and executive contenders worldwide to help them get an edge in this ever-changing international economy. He regularly coaches alumni from INSEAD and IMD. The largest outplacement company worldwide retains him for regular Hidden Job Market workshops covering Switzerland, Europe and Asia, as well as an advisor dedicated to specific C-suite leaders in transition. 

Rainer Maria is affiliated with Lausanne-based 50-head strong consultancy excelerate partners. Rainer Maria is also affiliated with BlueSteps, headquartered in New York, which is the exclusive executive career service provider of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC). AESC is the voice of excellence for the executive search and leadership consulting profession worldwide.

In the past, Rainer Maria held job search seminars for an international audience at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, RWTH Aachen University International Academy, Germany, Technical University of Dresden, Al Akhawain University, Morocco, and appeared as a guest speaker at Business School of Lausanne and Glion Hospitality University, Switzerland.

Rainer Maria is an international bestseller author who has published 7 books, notably “Executive Job Search in the Hidden Job Market – The Morita Method” which became an international bestseller in 4 continents soon after its publication in 2019.

With a Masters in Strategic Technology and Innovation Management from the University of Manchester, UK, and Bocconi, Milan, combined with ”AI Leadership” executive education at MIT, Boston, he is uniquely qualified to help leaders define how to best win in their transition towards the  new normal.