Close the gap between your current interview performance and peak interview performance

“PPI helped me tremendously in being punchier and more confident. I can’t thank you enough.”McKinsey Professional turned Private Equity Executive, London, 2016

Close the gap between your current interview performance and peak interview performance

“PPI helped me tremendously in being punchier and more confident. I can’t thank you enough.”McKinsey Professional turned Private Equity Executive, London, 2016

It’s not the best candidate who gets the job, it’s the one who knows how to interview best.

The Morita Method Academy offers job interview coaching for executive seeking roles at the  USD 250k+ level.

Peak Performance Interviewing (PPI) is a Morita Method proprietary job interviewing methodology based on more than 5000 interviews with executives from leading Fortune100 and Global Hidden Champion companies woven into a powerful interview system for any job interview setting. My role if to make sure you acquire the skills that enable you to convincingly present yourself, and succinctly communicate your value to hiring managers and get an edge in interviews over competing candidates.

The Morita Method Academy offers Peak Performance Interviewing (PPI). At the end of the individual coaching sessions you will be able to communicate your value and authentic leadership with confidence and ultimately win in interviews.

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    Tell Your Story Powerfully

    An interview coaching system for learning how to present yourself convincingly and concisely

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    Communicate What Matters

    An interview coaching system for learning how to communicate your strengths, skills, value and competencies

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    Learn New, Cutting-Edge Interview Techniques

    Rehearse with your coach and sparring partner new interview techniques that give you an edge in interviewing

It’s Time to Get Into Peak Interview Shape

To Become Excellent, You Need a Sparring Partner. With Peak Performance Interview Coaching you’ll become a top priority candidate for recruiters and a must-hire candidate for employers.

“I can sincerely state that you helped to radically change and improve the fundamentials
of my interviewing approach in executive job search as well as my self presentation. Thanks again for your professional coaching and serving as a sparring partner.”Russian investment banking executive, 2015
“Having Rainer prepare me for three interview rounds pretty much felt like having a spy working for you behind “enemy lines”, as he will try to find out those small details about the company that will help you excel in the job interview. This is one of the ways you come to understand his playbook and tactics in order to get his clients the best possible deals.”Latin American Robotics Executive, 2011

PPI PRO: The Complete Interview Coaching System for Peak Performance Interviewing

About Rainer Morita

Rainer Maria Morita is an International Job Search Coach and Hidden Job Market Expert helping executives worldwide find their perfect job. He has coached more than 5000 executives worldwide and has more than 15 years experience in Executive Search. He holds job search seminars for an international audience at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and RWTH Aachen University International Academy, Germany.

Rainer Maria is affiliated with BlueSteps, headquartered in New York, which is the exclusive executive career service provider of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) with a global network of career advisors and executive resume writers. AESC is the voice of excellence for the executive search and leadership consulting profession worldwide.

“A good rule of thumb is to hire only people who are better than you. Do not compromise. Ever.”Bock LAZLO, ex-Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google

Interview Coaching for Corporate Clients

Corporate clients from private or public companies, government or government agencies, academic or non-profit organizations can request interview coaching in person, or virtually. We provide customized coaching solutions upon request. For face-to-face interview coaching at your organization special coaching and travel fees apply.

Take the first step. Request your complimentary 15 minute job interview coaching review call.

Advanced Interviewing Techniques to win first, second and final interviews

Interview Coaching Tools to Negotiate a Win-Win Job Offer:

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    Peak performance interviewing articles written by Rainer Morita

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    Customized assignments tailored to your needs

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    Rehearse cutting-edge interview techniques with your interview coach

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    Shared case studies of successful executive interviews

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    Unlimited Email Support during our engagement

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    ADDED BONUS: “Peak Performance Interviewing” ebook by Rainer Morita

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    PPI CASE STUDY: From Good to Great!

    “I was rejected after the first interview. To my big surprise, the company called me in after 2 months for a second interview. The interview went very well. The decision-maker was taken by surprise about my performance: What has happened to you since the first interview? You were so much better, almost a completely different person.

    The secret I could not share with him was that I had I teamed up with Rainer. Since graduation from college, I never had the need for formal interviewing. My career was a seamless string of success. The downside was that my interviewing was rusty. Far away from being cutting edge.

    It was really helpful to prepare myself for this second interview. He quickly identified the areas where I needed to focus on and improve and the sessions with him were extremely practical, useful and energising. He is very straight forward on his comments and it´s important to see that as part of the process of improving. If you rely on him and on his process you will for sure get good results.

    In my case, the company made me a stellar offer and soon later I joined.”Zurich based expat; Global Business Unit Director, 2016

    “Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will.”
    -Jack Welch