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Video: Hidden Job Market Success: Know and Find a Job You Love: Your Dream Job

Candidasa/Bali/Indonesia. I like Bali a lot. I love Candidasa’s beaches. Breath taking and mesmerizing view of the sea, the endless horizon, the soothing sound of the waves and drinking coconut juice while on the beach. And the most exotic and colorful flowers everywhere the eye can see. A great place to be! Executives have very precise ideas of their dream travel destinations, they have little or vague ideas of what exactly their next step in their career looks like. Their ability to know or define what they want is often very unclear. Or they limit themselves to making minor improvements that does not help them get out of their hamster wheel and play a really big game in their career, job and life in general. What a pitty!. Do not let that be you. Discover the possibilities of the Hidden Job Market and achieve a breakthrough in your career and life. Your decision for a better future starts here and now.

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